Summertime happiness

Have a beautiful evening, and a lovely Midsummer's Day! Liisu πŸ’™

What is a library? What can you do there?

Dear friend! Some of you may already know that I work in a library. This experience has opened my eyes so much! Think for a moment - how do you imagine a librarian's work? I can say it is a whole another world from what I expected! Turns out it's so much more variable and fun that I would have ever thought. People, who think working in a library is boring, are so wrong πŸ˜„ 
So, what do we do day by day? Besides of the "usual" librarian work we plan all kind of events, have groups of children visiting us, create exhibitions and find ways to invite people to participate in our activities. One of the most interesting thing I have been doing (before the crisis situation) is a robotics class for children. Honestly, before starting my work I had never done anything that is even related to robots or programming, but decided to give it a try! And it has been intereting to discover a whole another world of legos and what they're capable of doing. 

Besides robots we have all…

Walk in Tallinn // summer 2019

Summer 2019 ✿

Love for letters

After all these years, still love this feeling of taking time to put my thoughts into letters! And somehow appreciate real letters more and more while everyone else seem to enjoy the possibilities of fast (internet) connection and possibility to communicate as quickly as possible. Yes, of course I use social media possibilities as well, but glad to have something "real" to hold onto as well. Liisu πŸ’™

The complexity of happiness

Hey :)
This is a bit different post from my regular writings, but I want to talk about something I think might be helpful to anyone. Depending on how willing you are to take in new information and whether you feel connected to the topic. It's all about our emotions and happiness. And no, it's not some kind of 'do yoga every day, eat fruits, smile and be happy' type of thing.

About a year or two ago (really, I am bad about remembering exact dates) I decided to take some courses on Coursera and found one called "The Science of Well Being" pretty interesting. Now that I checked the webpage, it's the first on the list of "Trending courses" and I am not surprised. Just like many other courses, it's available for free, but if you want to receive a certificate after successfully finishing it, you need to pay. But that's totally optional.

Now, a few weeks ago I received an email about a podcast from the professor that had created the course and…

2020 in YA books

Good evening 😊 Why don't you get comfortable, maybe make a cup of 🍡and sit down while I'll take you into the world of πŸ“š! There are few books I would like to recommend as I enjoyed reading them a lot. Today I'm focusing on Young Adult books as these are the ones I've been recently mostly reading, partially for my job in the library.

Angie Thomas "On the Come Up" (2019, 464 pages)
Brianna Jackson is a young girl with a dream and a talent. Something she shares with her dad, who isn't there anymore. He died, when Bri was young, but everyone remembers him as a great rapper. And now she is known for that, at least in her neighbourhood, where she lives with her mom and an older brother.
The 16-years old goes to school in which she doesn't feel she belongs to. At school she's a troublemaker, whose unwanted comments and a snack trading business gets her into a lot of trouble. Although the main reason is actually her different skin colour. A special treatmen…