24 December 2013


Dear readers!
I want to wish you all Merry Christmas! I hope you are all having great time with your friends and family!
PS! New posts are coming soon! :)

29 November 2013


It´s again Friday and it means I have more time to do whatever I like to do! I haven´t got any letters since last post, but I also haven´t sent any letters. I wrote them about few weeks ago, but I still haven´t gone to the post office and now I feel really bad about it :(
I have been thinking of going to there for some time, but I have been too tired and most of the time I get ghome quite late as well.
If possible, I´ll send all the letters tomorrow!
Here is a lip balm I got from my penfriend Rachel! Love it!

 I found new teas from shop
I think they look really cute ;)
Haven´t tried these ones yet, but the strawberry tea was great!
If any of my penfriends wants to try out these teas, let me know! I might send you some teabags ;)
I also have a question for you: Is there anyone who has an opportunity to get something (patches, pictures, postcards etc.) that is related to punk/rock/punk bands?
If you know anyone who might have such things, PLEASE let me know! I would really appreciate it!
                                          And a song I have been listening this week a lot!
Until next time

21 November 2013

Mail update

Hello, hello!
This post is going to be really short, because I still have some homework to do. I just want to let you know from who I have received letters recently :)
  • Tiia, Finland
  • Laura, Lithuania
  • Rachel, UK
  • Rachel, USA
I am so excited it will be December soon! Can´t wait until I can buy, write, decorate, send and receive all the Christmas cards! ^^

1 November 2013

Back to school and packages :)


I am so glad that it´s November already! I had an autumn vacation last week and it was fine. I didn´t do much, because the weather was not very great during that week, but I enjoyed the time at home as well. I read some books and I went to cinema with my family. We went to see a cartoon, because there just was not anything else to watch! Actually there were all kind of films, but they all were in russian and I don´t really understand it that well! On friday I also met my friend and we had great time walking and later eating pizza.
But now it´s school time again and the first week just ended. During vacation I sent out some packages and here they are:
 Here are teabags I sent to Germany (Big Tea Time Swap. Autumn)
 And added some estonian sweets :)
Sweets I sent to Finland
And this week I received 2 packages. Funny fact is that I got them both at the same day and both came from Finland!

 One I got from private swap and another from Fazer sweets tag. Here are sweets I got from both packages.
I really liked these candies! They tasted very well!
 Some cool stamps....
 ....and some more...
Thanks for using so cool stamps! :)
I have also got some letters, which came from
  • Jie, China
  • Lizzi, USA
  • Tiia, Finland
That´s all for now and soon I´ll tell you about one interesting tradition we have in our schools :)

18 October 2013

Old postcards

It´s already 18th of October! Next week I´ll have a vacation from school, so I hope I will have more time to write here ;)
Last time I showed you some old stamps, now I will show you some old postcard I found when I aws at granny´s place :)

I will be back soon :)

4 October 2013

Mail & a fair

Hello everyone!
Last weeks have gone by so quickly! I have received some mail and this weekend I am planning to reply them.
Letters came from:
  • Tiia, Finland
  • Laura, Lithuania
  • Tanya, South Africa
  • Rachel, Usa
  • And an envelope from China with some stickers & letter.
Yes! I got a letter from South Africa! It was a total surprise to me, because I sent the letter very-very long time ago, but still, I got it! It is my first letter from Africa as well, so it´s pretty special, haha :D
PS! Most pictures are made with my phone, so they don´t look that good..
Here is what I got from Rachel :)
Last weekend I went to fair that was in Jõhvi, which is near my hometown. There were people, who sell stuff and we could also visit the church´s museum there. I have been there before too, but my mom wanted to go there ;)

Another really cool thing about this fair is that there is a place where are books that some people have brought there (that they don´t need or want  anymore) and other people can go there and take books and magazine and all this for free! Mostly there were a bit older books and magazines, but hey! It s still really cool :) I got there two magazines and my mom found two books she would like to read :P

When I visited my grandma, we watched some old pictures and I also found some old stamps. Of course I didn´t take them with me, but I took few photos of them ;)

 They´re not really black-white as you can understand :D

I hope you will have an awesome weekend and enjoy cosy autumn evenings :)


15 September 2013

Birthday :)

Lately I haven´t got many letters, but I guess I should understand that people are busy with new school year :) I got 2 letters that came from
  • Tiia, Finland
  • Jenni, Finland
Now some pictures :)
A cute postcard from my penfriend Tiia :)

 That´s how my birthday cake looked like.
 Some cards I got from my cousins ;)
 A gift card I got (to a cosmetic shop)
 Bracelets Tiia sent me, thanks!
 2 new nail polishes I bought.
 A postcard from Jenni ^^
And a birthday present from my family members :)
I hope you all have had a nice beginning of school and I hope to get many-many letters soon :)
Good night!

30 August 2013

Who will be my 500th viewer?

Hi again!
At the moment I have 472 views on my blog, so I have decided to give a little surprise for someone who will be my blog´s 500th viewer
So, if you see you are the 500th viewer, make a picture, so I can see it really was you, and send it to me (mariliisuke8@gmail.com) and please add your address, so I could send you a tiny surprise.

Back to school...


Summer has passed by so quickly and now it´s time to go to school again! In Estonia we start school at the beginning of September. Some schools start on 1st September, some schools on 2nd (because 1st is Sunday).
Me and my mom went to shops few weeks ago to buy some necessary things for school and here are some pictures :)
 Some notebooks, pencils, pens and more and more
 My new bag
 And new shoes for school
 These stickers are SO adorable!
 Notebook instead of diary for school (got it from mail from Germany some time ago)
 And back side of it (added many stickers!)
And some more copybooks
I thought it might be interesting to see what I got for school, but I am not sure if anyone would like to see those things, you can let me know what you think about this post, which is not like my usual post here in my blog.
Have a nice school year, my readers!

21 August 2013

Tiny vacation & baking

Hi everyone! :)
My penfriend Tiia asked me if I could put here some photos of my family´s tiny vacation in July. Even though July has been over for a long time, I sure can put some photos here :)
 A beautiful view to a Peipsi lake

 Can you find a frog in these pictures?

 This is the place where we had breakfast
And some photos of delicious things we have baked ;)
 Pizza :)
 Chocolate muffins with melted chocolate
 Tiny cinnamon rolls
 It doesn´t look like it, but it is an apple pie ;)
And this is pound cake covered with melted chocolate!
I hope you like my photos and I will talk to you (hopefully) soon!