25 June 2013

A nice surprise.

Hello dear readers! (if there are any :))
Last week I didn´t get any letters, but that´s fine. When I went to post office to buy some stamps last Saturday, the worker in there gave me a package, which came from America. I was surprised that she understood it was for me, she just knew me by my face. I guess she remembered me as I visit post office quite often :) Usually I get a note when a package has arrived for me, but I guess the worker in post office was faster to give me the package this time.
The package was from my penfriend Rachel, with who I made a swap and here are some pictures of things she sent me. Thank you again!

The package :)
 Sweets, a magazine, lip gloss and much more.
And a lot of stationery! 

This week I sent a letter to my penfriend Lizzi and I sent two envelopes to users from Postcrossing, both for Little Mix Tag. I hope all the envelopes will arrive nicely ;)
Last Friday was my 9th class graduation. It went well! In the morning I went to hairdresser, who made my hair look really nice. It felt so good to get my certificate and the weather was sunny and nice on that day!
Now I am going to bake something really great, even though it is so hot today! Maybe I will share the recipe with you too in the future :)

Have a sunny day! 


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