12 July 2013

Outgoing & Incoming mail!

This week has been a good mail week :) I got some letters and nice packages and now I would like to show them to you :)

The letters came from

  • Domi, Poland
  • Ashley, America

A package from Ukraine, a letter from my American penfriend and an envelope with 25 stickers from a tag.
 3 sheets of stickers from tag in Postcrossing
 A really nice postcard from my penfriend who went on a trip! ^^
A nice package from Klaudia from Poland who sent me sweets, amazing stationery and much more :)
 A postcard of Barry Watson! I got it from "Little Mix Tag". It was such a nice surprise because I really like 7th heaven and that´s where I know him.
 Some really cute stickers from my penfriend Domi. Who wouldn´t love such nice stickers? :)
And some letters that I will send in the next week. I sometimes make envelopes on my own, the second one from the top is self made ;)

I hope you, readers, had a nice week and will have even better weekend and I am always waiting for your comments, you know :)
And you can let me know what do you like the most - if you want me to post more recipes here or you would like to know more about my penfriends or anything else? Let me know ;)

See you soon!


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