7 July 2013

Some letters

Recently I haven´t got very many letters, but still, I got some. Letters came from

  • Laura from Lithuania
  • Tiia from Finland
  • Reka from Hungary
  • Jenni from Finland
I got this cute postcard from Tiia :)

And look how adorable stamp it is ^^
This one is pretty too!

 I also received two packs of gum and small candies from "Bubble gum and chewing gum" tag, I got them from Ukraine.
And I got a lovely package from Germany thanks to "Drive away grey clouds" tag. She sent me lots of tea, a notebook and some other nice things. Thank you!

Don´t think I only receive things- of course I send packages and letters too. I sent letters to Laura and Reka, I wrote it to Tiia, but I haven´t sent it yet. I didn´t wrote to Jenni yet, because I got her letter on Friday, so I haven´t had time to do it yet. But I will soon ;)

I also sent two packages- one to Rachel from America and another to Klaudia. She is not my penfriend, but we made a swap and she already got my package. You can check it out here. I can´t wait to get the package she sent me! :) To Rachel I sent letter papers, stickers, Estonian candies, a chocolate, earrings, Estonian cents and some other things. I hope she will make picture of my package when she will get it as she usually does and puts it on her blog ;)

I hope everyone can enjoy summer as much as we can here now- the weather here is very nice and sunny!

I will be back soon :)


PS! If you read my blog, I would love to know what you think of it. It´s nice when you just let me know that you are a reader as well :D


  1. I'm so happy you finally have a blog! You're doing a great job and I truly love reading about your life. Thanks for being such a dedicated reader of mine, as well...it means more than I could ever tell you!

    1. Thank you so much :) I am just a beginner...but I try ;)

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