17 August 2013

Look, what I´ve got!

Hello, my dear penfriends and everyone else! :)
I am sorry fot not making a new post for so long time. I couldn´t because our computer had some problems with internet connection and then my uncle took computer away from us for few days. Now he got our computer back to us and it seems to be okay :) I hope it will stay this way for a long time! I didn´t want to make any posts with my phone, because I had already done pictures with camera and I couldn´t get those photos to my phone (phone doesn´t make that great phtos as well).
So, now I have a lot to show you and before I show you pictures, I have to tell I got letters from
  • Laura, Lithuania
  • Rachel, America
  • Jie, China
 New estonian stamps (to send a letter out of Europe)
 Great Moomin things I got from tag in Postcrossing
 These stamps are just so cute! ^^ (From Finland)
 I bought some new Stabilo fineliners, which I like a lot, because it´s great to write letters with them :)
 And it´s just an amazing miracle I found so adorable tapes in shop in Estonia! Wow!
I made a swap with one person from England. Here is what I sent her...
 ...and what she got me. This Cadbury chocolate with popcorn was new thing for me and I have to say it tasted really well ;)
 This is a package I sent to Finland - "Full envelope" tag
I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully I don´t have to be away from my blog for so long time again ;) This is also my 10th post in this blog, which is great - I hope to write and show you more and more in the future!
Talk to you soon!


  1. Those new stamps are lovely! :))

  2. You just tagged me in Fazer sweets tag and I watched your message in that thread. There you had your blog's address in your signature, so I decided to visit here and omg! That moomin tag post is from me, so cool to see own posts in someone else's blog! (:

    I have also a lifestyle / postcrossing blog, here's address in case of you want to check it out!
    kohtaonjoaamu.blogspot.fi (:

    1. Thank you so much! I will check it out ;)