4 October 2013

Mail & a fair

Hello everyone!
Last weeks have gone by so quickly! I have received some mail and this weekend I am planning to reply them.
Letters came from:
  • Tiia, Finland
  • Laura, Lithuania
  • Tanya, South Africa
  • Rachel, Usa
  • And an envelope from China with some stickers & letter.
Yes! I got a letter from South Africa! It was a total surprise to me, because I sent the letter very-very long time ago, but still, I got it! It is my first letter from Africa as well, so it´s pretty special, haha :D
PS! Most pictures are made with my phone, so they don´t look that good..
Here is what I got from Rachel :)
Last weekend I went to fair that was in Jõhvi, which is near my hometown. There were people, who sell stuff and we could also visit the church´s museum there. I have been there before too, but my mom wanted to go there ;)

Another really cool thing about this fair is that there is a place where are books that some people have brought there (that they don´t need or want  anymore) and other people can go there and take books and magazine and all this for free! Mostly there were a bit older books and magazines, but hey! It s still really cool :) I got there two magazines and my mom found two books she would like to read :P

When I visited my grandma, we watched some old pictures and I also found some old stamps. Of course I didn´t take them with me, but I took few photos of them ;)

 They´re not really black-white as you can understand :D

I hope you will have an awesome weekend and enjoy cosy autumn evenings :)


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