1 November 2013

Back to school and packages :)


I am so glad that it´s November already! I had an autumn vacation last week and it was fine. I didn´t do much, because the weather was not very great during that week, but I enjoyed the time at home as well. I read some books and I went to cinema with my family. We went to see a cartoon, because there just was not anything else to watch! Actually there were all kind of films, but they all were in russian and I don´t really understand it that well! On friday I also met my friend and we had great time walking and later eating pizza.
But now it´s school time again and the first week just ended. During vacation I sent out some packages and here they are:
 Here are teabags I sent to Germany (Big Tea Time Swap. Autumn)
 And added some estonian sweets :)
Sweets I sent to Finland
And this week I received 2 packages. Funny fact is that I got them both at the same day and both came from Finland!

 One I got from private swap and another from Fazer sweets tag. Here are sweets I got from both packages.
I really liked these candies! They tasted very well!
 Some cool stamps....
 ....and some more...
Thanks for using so cool stamps! :)
I have also got some letters, which came from
  • Jie, China
  • Lizzi, USA
  • Tiia, Finland
That´s all for now and soon I´ll tell you about one interesting tradition we have in our schools :)