29 November 2013


It´s again Friday and it means I have more time to do whatever I like to do! I haven´t got any letters since last post, but I also haven´t sent any letters. I wrote them about few weeks ago, but I still haven´t gone to the post office and now I feel really bad about it :(
I have been thinking of going to there for some time, but I have been too tired and most of the time I get ghome quite late as well.
If possible, I´ll send all the letters tomorrow!
Here is a lip balm I got from my penfriend Rachel! Love it!

 I found new teas from shop
I think they look really cute ;)
Haven´t tried these ones yet, but the strawberry tea was great!
If any of my penfriends wants to try out these teas, let me know! I might send you some teabags ;)
I also have a question for you: Is there anyone who has an opportunity to get something (patches, pictures, postcards etc.) that is related to punk/rock/punk bands?
If you know anyone who might have such things, PLEASE let me know! I would really appreciate it!
                                          And a song I have been listening this week a lot!
Until next time

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  1. Those tea bags look lovely! :) I hope to find something like that from Finland as well!