10 January 2014

Christmas mail

I hope you all had great time during Christmas and New Year! I made 2 Christmas gift exchanges with my penfriends. I also received a gift that really surprised me - thank you, Rachel! :)
I also received some letters from
  • Tiia, Finland
  • Giulia, Italy
  • Laura, Lithuania 

  While packing some gifts
A decoration for Christmas tree I got as a gift from Laura
 And a lip balm I got from her
Here you can see what I received from England
 Earrings from Jenni
 Another decoration for tree, this time from Tiia
Fake lashes I got from Finland
 Finnish chocolates which were so delicious!
A lovely postcard from Tiia :)
And a funny postcard from Laura

This postcard is from Jenni, Finland

Thank you so much for lovely gifts and beautiful postcards! I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope to be back soon :)


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