14 January 2014

Where can you find me?

Hello! :)
As some of you already know, I also have some other places I visit (almost) every day.
You can follow me there and ask me some questions! Don´t be afraid to ask them in English, I will answer anyway! You can also let me know if you have an account there so I can ask you something :)
Of course my Interpals account. If you have user there, you can just add me as a friend or write to me!
If you want to write to me privately, but don´t have users in any of the other websites, you can just write me an e-mail if there is anything you want to tell me :)
I actually don´t tweet that much and mostly not in Enlgish, but you can follow me anyway if you are interested :D
Let me know if you have users in any of these websites as well :)

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