26 April 2014

Postcards, Incoming & Outgoing mail and more

Hello everyone!
This week I received letters from
  • Laura, Lithuania
  • Grace, USA
  • Tiia, Finland
  • Tanya, Africa
Some time ago I sent packages to Iga and Rachel, who are my penfriends. I haven´t received their packages yet, but here are some of the things I sent them.

 Chocolate from Estonia
 Another pair of earrings
 Some stamps I bought
 Also bought some postcards about Ida-Virumaa

 I received a package from Germany and got some sweets...


 ..and postcards.
 I really like the stamps!
And finally one delicious picture.
Have a great weekend!

PS! Now you can find me from Instagram as well: http://instagram.com/liiisu97

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