30 May 2014

Trip to Finland and Sweden.

Hello everyone!
I know I haven´t written here for a long time, but now I´m here! As you might understand, I went to Finland and Sweden and I have some pictures to show you :)

On my way to Finland
We had some free time in Helsinki, so me and my friends visited different shops :)
Really cool boots I saw, but we saw they cost more than our trip :D

This statue was funny to us, because somehow there was a bag on its head.
The police car

Now in Stockholm

We visited Vasa muuseum and Biology museum, but it was more interesting to walk in the street and see the city.

 I really enjoyed the trip and we had great time. Have you ever been to Finland or Sweden?



  1. Super awesome you got to visit Finland!! (: And Sweden! Was it a cruise or something? Hopefully, we get to meet next time you have a trip like this. =)

    1. Yes, it was a cruise. I really hope we can meet some day! :)