26 May 2015

What to add into an envelope?


We all love receiving handwritten letters from our friends from all over the world. I also like adding different things and small gifts to surprise my penfriends. Here are some ideas of what to send with a small envelope without having to cost more than usually:

  • Tea/coffee/cocoa 
Well, who doesn´t like a hot drink? I´m sure it´s interesting to try new products and different tastes from other countries.
  • Small chocolates
Same story with chocolates - there are so many different ones and I am sure it will make your
penfriend´s day at least a little bit better, when he or she finds a little sweet gift from an envelope.
  • Postcards
Postcard is always a lovely idea and to me it´s like 2in1 - snail mail & Postcrossing.

  • Bookmarks
There are many cute and lovely bookmarks and what could be a better gift to a bookworm? :)

  • Stickers and tape 
I´m sure every person, who writes letters, needs them to make letters look cuter :) At least that´s what I like to do.
  • Stamps
Some people collect stamps and if your penfriend is one of them, than I´m sure it´s a great idea of what to send him/her.
  • Pictures
I know, most people post pictures of them and all kind of things on Instagram or Facebook, but I think real pictures are nice as well! Especially if they´re from person, who lives far away from you.

I hope you got any new ideas and if you have any ideas on your own, please let me know! Maybe I´ll have some new ideas as well! :)

All the best,


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