30 June 2015

Do it yourself - decorating writing papers and envelopes


Some time ago I bought new, quite usual papers. They´re nice to use as writing papers, but look rather boring. So I used creativity and my "painting skills" to make them look nicer.
It was actually a lot of fun to do and I don´t know about you, but sometimes I enjoy doing things like that :)

What you need? 
  • White papers and envelopes
  • Different colours
  • Brushes (or you can use cotton buds as I did)
  • Water
  • An old newspaper or magazine, so you won´t ruin your table
How to do?

Just use your painting skills, creativity and imagination :D

Here are some of my results:

Let me know what you think!

How do you usually decorate writing papers and envelopes?


  1. Very nice ! :)
    What do you say about writing letters ? :)
    My email - martynna99005@o2.pl
    Greetings from Poland,
    Martyna :*