10 July 2015

Book suggestion #1

Hey again! :)

I have read some books during this summer and today I write about trilogy that contains books called "Hamilton", "Goodbye Hamilton" and "Harold". The author of the trilogy is Catherine Cookson.
The first book of the trilogy
The first book is about Maisie's childhood, marriage with a terrible person and Hamilton, her imaginary horse, about who she writes a book and it becomes really popular. There are so many moments that evoke strong emotions - happiness, sadness, symphathy and compassion.
The story goes on in the second and third book. I wouldn´t like to write too much about what they are about as some of you might have got interested in reading them by themselves, so I don´t want to ruin it and keep some things unrevealed :D
Anyway, I enjoyed reading them all and books were written in a way they were really easy to read.

If you read the trilogy, please let me know what you think of it!

Have you got any recommendations for me and other readers?

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