29 August 2015



Here are letters I received while (or before) I was away in Finland.

Lovely letter with a unique envelope from Kirsi, Finland
Lovely letter with a gift that made me so happy! Lizzi sent me a self-made book that looks so cool! :)
Letter and an interesting postcard from Racheal, Canada
Look at that beautiful card! Everything sent by Laura, Lithuania
Envelope with bunch of stickers and a letter from Tasia, USA
A nice letter from Marta, Poland. The papers and envelope she used look so pretty! :)
Last, but not least - a letter from Zosia. She used several different and cute papers to write her letter on. She also sent me tickets....
...and another postcard...This is actually my first card from this (Greetings from...) card collection.
Thank you all for lovely mail! All the replies have been sent out, hopefully you´ll receive them quickly :)

See you soon, 


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