28 November 2015

Waiting for Christmas...

 Christmas time is coming soon! I am trying not to get too excited about it too early, but I really like this time of year - hot tea, scented candles, fluffy socks, christmas lights, tangerines, cosy evenings, writing letters, reading books, listening to christmas songs , baking gingerbreads, watching "Home alone" and so on.... :)
Are you one of the people, who can´t wait for Christmas to come as well?

Postal service prices in Estonia

Hello! Yesterday I found out that our postal service prices, which already are high, will be even higher! :(
Now a stamp to Estonia costs 0.55€, to Europe 1.20€ and out of Europe 1.30€, but since 1st January 2016 they will be 0.65€, 1.40€ and 1.50€!
There is just one good thing about it- the envelope can weight up to 250g, but it doesn't mean I can send big things as these need to be sent in different kind of envelope and I don't even want to talk about prices there...
Well, there's nothing I can do about it, just wanted to share news with you. There are more important things in life than money, so

26 November 2015

Swap with Sandra

 Some time ago I made a swap with my penfriend Sandra, who lives in The Netherlands.
She sent me some really lovely gifts and they were wrapped so nicely! ♡

23 November 2015

Postcards swap

I made a postcards swap with Letitia, who sent me these 3 beautiful cards. I also like cool stamps she used on the envelope! :)

21 November 2015

Outgoing letters

Sent to:
♥ Tiia, Finland
♥ Julia, Austria
♥ Kristina, Estonia
♥ Laura, Lithuania
♥ Marta, Poland

20 November 2015

Colouring postcards

Sandra sent me some nice postcards, that can be coloured by yourself. I really enjoyed doing it and now, as they are "done", I can send them to someone else.
Soon I will show you, what else she sent me :)

7 November 2015

My blog on Instagram

Hello and lovely evening!
I decided to make an Instagram account for my blog. Username there is loveforletters and you can find it here: https://instagram.com/loveforletters/

Follow it to keep an eye on, when new blogposts are up! :)

More mail! :)

Letters from:
 ♡ Sandra, The Netherlands
♡ Racheal, Canada
♡ Julia, Austria
♡ Laura, Lithuania
♡ Tiia, Finland