10 December 2015

Lovely stamps

Good evening :)
Today I want to share with you some beautiful, interesting and cute stamps from my collection. I have never actually thought about starting collecting stamps, but as I exchange letters and packages, I just..get them!
Here I want to mention that I never take stamps off from envelopes my penfriends send me as I keep all the letters + envelopes and don´t want to ruin or make them look bad. Unless I throw the packages away- then I obviously take stamps off. 
Also, I have many nice stamps, but I don´t think I can show them all, so here are just some of them :)

Canadian stamps

Stamps with people on them
With berries
Amazing Finnish stamps
Christmas related stamps ♡
Stamps with buildings
More Finnish stamps :)
Stamps with animals..
and birds :)

Which ones you liked the most? Do you have a stamp collection?



  1. I've been collecting stamps since 2010 and my collection is quite big (I collect both used and mint stamps (mint mostly from Thailand)) :) Out of your stamps I must say that the Finnish Moomin stamps ARE prettiest but I do also like the Christmas and animal stamps :)
    By the way, the Finnish stamps on top of the Christmas stamps have 2 full sets - 3 stamps of Aurora Borealis and 3 stamps of clouds :) I think those used to be sold in sets of 100 :)

    1. Yes, Moomin stamps are so nice! Thank you for the information :)

  2. I really enjoyed this post with so many stamps! :)
    What comes to the previous comment, those Aurora Borealis and cloud stamps create full sets. Still gotta say that the Aurora Borealis stamps are meant to be vertical. :D