28 November 2015

Postal service prices in Estonia

Hello! Yesterday I found out that our postal service prices, which already are high, will be even higher! :(
Now a stamp to Estonia costs 0.55€, to Europe 1.20€ and out of Europe 1.30€, but since 1st January 2016 they will be 0.65€, 1.40€ and 1.50€!
There is just one good thing about it- the envelope can weight up to 250g, but it doesn't mean I can send big things as these need to be sent in different kind of envelope and I don't even want to talk about prices there...
Well, there's nothing I can do about it, just wanted to share news with you. There are more important things in life than money, so I definitely won´t leave my hobby. But I guess that from now on I'll try to save money more and not send letters so often (and write longer ones :D), but we will see.
Are the prices high compared to ours in your country?

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