4 December 2015

Wishlist swap Christmas group info + outgoing gift

I decided to take part of a wishlist swap again (I took part of it twice last year) and as Chrismtas is coming, than that is the theme this time. The topic of the swap is HERE
How does it work?
I send a package to one person and receive from another. Package should include things worth about 8 euros according to person´s wishlist.
I had to write a letter to a person, who hosts this swap with
 1) My wishlist and dislikes
 2) My address
 3) References (at least 3)
I could actually skip the last point as I have taken part of it earlier, so I am reliable. But what next?
Some weeks later I got a message from the host with one of the person´s wishlist (this time I got hers) and next step was going to shop to buy things she would like to receive! :)
What did I get her?
♥ Beautiful envelopes
♡ Blank postcards
♥ A Christmas postcard + postcard about Estonia
♡ Christmas themed gift bags
♥ A bookmark
♡ Candies
♥ Bar of soap

-Liisu ♡

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