29 December 2015

Liebster award

Some days ago I got nominated for Liebster award by Helmi´s Letterbox (thank you, Helmi!) and now I will answer 11 questions she asked + nominate other blogs that have under 200 followers and ask questions from them.
The rules of this award are:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to his/her blog
2. Answer the 11 questions which you got from your "nominator"
3. Name and link 11 blogs that will receive the Liebster Award from you. These blogs should have under 200 followers
4. Write down 11 new questions for the bloggers you chose

1. What are your plans for the New Year's Eve? Probably in the same way I spent Christmas - with my family and cousins. We will probably have a nice dinner together and go outside to enjoy fireworks.
From internet

2. Are you going to make any New Year's resolutions? In one hand New Year is a great time to "turn a new page" or "start from a white sheet", but on other hand I do not think that most people can keep their New Year´s resolutions. Of course it is great, when you can, but I have seen that most of the time it will not work. If you really want to change something, you do not have to wait until New Year (but of course you can, if you wish so). Maybe I´ll just write down some things I expect from this year and myself.
3. What do you dream about? Mostly I dream about future. But if this questions is meant as what I see, when I sleep, then in this case the answer is not so simple :D In my dreams I see very different situations - some are realistic, some are so bizarre and some can make me so emotional! There have been several times, when I wake up with tears on my cheeks. Just because I had seen something not so nice in my dream.

20 December 2015

Incoming package

On Friday I received a very lovely package and a letter from my friend Dominika ♡

11 December 2015

Random facts about me

Good evening! I thought it would be good idea to share some random facts about myself, so you, my readers, would get to know me a bit better. Hopefully you will enjoy this post :)

1) I'm afraid of spiders. I understand that they can´t hurt me in any way, but they just look so creepy!
2) I've been to Finland 3 times and to Sweden once.
3) Would like to visit many countries- I believe that there are interesting  things to see and places to visit almost anywhere.
4) Got my first penfriend in 5th grade thanks to my English teacher.
5) My favourite lessons now are literature and English.
6) Sometimes I write poems, but mostly just for myself.
7) I don't drink milk, I just dislike the taste of it. But I do drink cocoa and eat cereal with milk.
8) I can speak English, Russian, Estonian and I know some Spanish and German.

10 December 2015

Lovely stamps

Good evening :)
Today I want to share with you some beautiful, interesting and cute stamps from my collection. I have never actually thought about starting collecting stamps, but as I exchange letters and packages, I just..get them!
Here I want to mention that I never take stamps off from envelopes my penfriends send me as I keep all the letters + envelopes and don´t want to ruin or make them look bad. Unless I throw the packages away- then I obviously take stamps off. 
Also, I have many nice stamps, but I don´t think I can show them all, so here are just some of them :)

Canadian stamps

6 December 2015

Wishlist swap Christmas group - incoming

Dear readers!
Last time I explained, how this swap works, where you can find it and what I sent. Now it´s time to show you, what I received :) I know it's not Christmas yet and I opened gifts too early, but who said there must be just one day in a year for Christmas presents?

4 December 2015

Wishlist swap Christmas group info + outgoing gift

I decided to take part of a wishlist swap again (I took part of it twice last year) and as Chrismtas is coming, than that is the theme this time. The topic of the swap is HERE
How does it work?
I send a package to one person and receive from another. Package should include things worth about 8 euros according to person´s wishlist.
I had to write a letter to a person, who hosts this swap with
 1) My wishlist and dislikes
 2) My address
 3) References (at least 3)
I could actually skip the last point as I have taken part of it earlier, so I am reliable. But what next?
Some weeks later I got a message from the host with one of the person´s wishlist (this time I got hers) and next step was going to shop to buy things she would like to receive! :)
What did I get her?
♥ Beautiful envelopes
♡ Blank postcards
♥ A Christmas postcard + postcard about Estonia
♡ Christmas themed gift bags
♥ A bookmark
♡ Candies
♥ Bar of soap

2 December 2015

Traveling sheets

In Postcrossing forum I have seen some topics about people asking others to make traveling sheets. It seemed like a very interesting idea to me, so I have exchanged some of them.
From etsy.com
What do I usually write about?
Mostly it depends on, what kind of information a person wants to receive. There can be many different topics - music, your country, hobbies, pets, recipes, traveling experience etc. I have mostly done them about myself and my country. It has been a lot of fun to write about Estonia, our traditions, language and so on + decorate the paper. For the first time I did it one or two years ago and then I got postcards or something like that as exchange, but in past few times I have asked people to make sheet(s) for me as well :) I think it is a great way to get to know something new and interesting!