22 January 2016

Random facts about me part 2

1) I am in grade 12, so I will graduate in summer, if everything goes well.
2) I enjoy baking, mostly sweet things like cookies and cupcakes.
3) I love candles! I like burning them especially at Christmas time. Now my favourite scent is cinnamon.
4) I like all kind of things with cats and owls :)
5) I consider myself as a bookworm. But it is really difficult to choose favourite books or authors.
6) At first I am usually shy with strangers, but it really depends on the situation and people.
7) I am glad to be Estonian and that I can speak language, that only about 1,3 million people speak :)
8) Beside doing theatre, I enjoy watching it as well.
9) I drink a lot of tea. There are many good flavours, but one of the best is definitely peppermint tea.
10) My birthday is on 2nd September :)
11) I have never tried sushi
12) I love spending time at the library
Anything else you´d like to know?
Leave your question(s) in comments!


  1. These kind of posts are pretty cool because it enables people to learn more about you, maybe even some unexpected things. :) I just wish you would explain these points in a deeper way, as it would mean more content to the blog posts. :)

  2. Cool facts. :)
    Where can I read the recipe for those cookies up there? yum!

    1. Thanks! The recipe is here: https://myloveforletters.blogspot.com.ee/2014/09/making-cookies-try-recipe.html
      Let me know, when you decide doing these cookies and how they came out! :)