2 December 2015

Traveling sheets

In Postcrossing forum I have seen some topics about people asking others to make traveling sheets. It seemed like a very interesting idea to me, so I have exchanged some of them.
From etsy.com
What do I usually write about?
Mostly it depends on, what kind of information a person wants to receive. There can be many different topics - music, your country, hobbies, pets, recipes, traveling experience etc. I have mostly done them about myself and my country. It has been a lot of fun to write about Estonia, our traditions, language and so on + decorate the paper. For the first time I did it one or two years ago and then I got postcards or something like that as exchange, but in past few times I have asked people to make sheet(s) for me as well :) I think it is a great way to get to know something new and interesting!
If any of my penfriends would like to exchange them, let me know!
And if you are interested in receiving (or just want to read more about these) traveling sheets, you can get information here
There is mostly about traveling notebooks, but if you look, you´ll find the information you need about sheets as well. I actually tried making my traveling notebook once, but it got lost on its way, so I decided to try with sheets :)
Of course you can ask me questions about them as well, if something was not understandable :)

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