20 December 2016

Muesli / DIY

Hello, it is good to see you here :) 
Most mueslies that can be found from stores are full of sugars. And all "healthy" ones are way too expensive. So the best option is to make some by yourself! And it really is so easy! I decided to try preparing 3 different types of mueslies:
1) Basic muesli - roasted oatmeal flakes + raisins + nuts + sunflower seeds
2) All ingredients that are in the first one, just roasted with honey
3) Roasted oatmeal flakes + different seeds + coconut flakes
Basically, you can add anything you want: different flakes (oatmeal, rye flakes, coconut flakes), dried berries (I really like lingonberries), different nuts, little pieces of dark chocolate, spices (cinnamon might be a good idea)
How to eat muesli? I sometimes...
1) Make overnight porridge 
2) Eat with coconut or soy milk
3) Add a bit to yoghurt
4) Add some on top of freshly made porridge
Do you eat mueslies? Have you got any favourites? 

17 December 2016

Outgoing postcards in October&November

To Indonesia
To Germany
This went also to Germany :)
And now it is time to send out some Christmas cards! :)

16 December 2016

Update on incoming mail

First letter from Sang in South Korea
She also sent me some beautiful stamps and a coin!
Letter with cute pictures from Racheal, Canada
I really like the way this envelope looks like <3

15 December 2016

A walk in Tallinn

Good evening :)
These photos were taken already a while ago (except the last one) and I thought it was about time to show you these as they are quite autumny :D All leaves are gone by now, but we still do not have snow here, but I really hope it will snow at least a bit during Christmas time!

18 November 2016

Recipes I have been trying recently

1) Energy bar
Do you know these muesli and energy bars that are sold in stores? Well, now you can make them by yourself, so let me show you, how :)
At first you should think what it should consist of. The main ingredient is honey. How much honey you need depends on how many bars you would like to make. Second ingredient is totally your choice - you can take any seeds, nuts, raisins, (dried) berries, even chocolate, if you want.
I chose sesame seeds and nuts, because that´s what the recipe said and as I did these bars for the first time, I decided to do as it´s said in recipe.
How did I prepare them?
I took a few tablespoons of honey and melted it. If you already have liquid honey, then it´s perfect! Then I added previously chopped nuts & sesame seeds, mixed them all together and put on a baking tray, which was covered with baking paper.
2) Pan dish
This is something I have been eating often recently, because it is just so tasty! I have done it in a different ways, using different vegetables. On this picture you can see carrots, paprika and eggplant, I also added some champignons. Sometimes I add potatoes or garlic.
Just chop ingredients into slices or small pieces, however you like. I usually fry paprika and carrots first, because they need a bit more time to soften. Then add mushrooms and about 5 minutes later eggplant, which gets cooked quite quickly. Season it with flavours you like and let it stay in hotness under the pan cover for some time...or get to eating right away and enjoy!
3) Overnight porridge
I do it by taking muesli I have prepared, add some soy milk and let it stay in a fridge for the night. In the morning I add frozen berries, bananas, coconut flakes, grapes - whatever I have and want to add :) I don´t know, the one I make really reminds me the taste of a cookie cake I have made as well, which was strange, but tasty surprise for me :D
Have you tried out something new recently?

12 November 2016

Book for my penpal

 Hello, dear reader!

Some time ago I saw little notebooks at a store and that gave me an idea of using them for writing letters. Here is one of the letter-book I created, I have done more of them by now :)
Hope you enjoy these pictures and feel a little inspired maybe?
Best wishes,