22 January 2016

Random facts about me part 2

1) I am in grade 12, so I will graduate in summer, if everything goes well.
2) I enjoy baking, mostly sweet things like cookies and cupcakes.
3) I love candles! I like burning them especially at Christmas time. Now my favourite scent is cinnamon.
4) I like all kind of things with cats and owls :)
5) I consider myself as a bookworm. But it is really difficult to choose favourite books or authors.
6) At first I am usually shy with strangers, but it really depends on the situation and people.
7) I am glad to be Estonian and that I can speak language, that only about 1,3 million people speak :)
8) Beside doing theatre, I enjoy watching it as well.

17 January 2016

Christmas swap with Laura

 Good morning!

Christmas is over, but there are more photos that I want to share with you :) Here you can see, what I sent to Laura and what received from her.
These candies were very delicious, me and my brother enjoyed them. I really like that this secret diary is in Christmas theme and it has a lock that can be opened with a key (reminds me of a diary I had as a child) :D I have been using this vanilla flavoured lip balm recently as well, the smell of it is just great :)

13 January 2016

Big swap with Rachel

Me and my penfriend Rachel from UK decided to make a swap that was bigger than our usual swaps. She actually sent me another package as a Christmas surprise as well!  Here you can see, what I got her and what she sent me. Absolutely everything I received from her is so lovely <3

6 January 2016

Stuff for me & penfriends

This post has been waiting here for a long time, because I couldn't show you these things before my penpals have received them as it would have ruined the surprise :)

1 January 2016

Incoming letters since November

Good morning and happy new year! I hope that you all had good time last night and you are ready for 2016, which hopefully will be a good year full of lovely letters and blogposts :D Now lets see letters I have received recently.
Marta, Poland
Tiia, Finland
Julia, Austria
Lizzi, Finland
Dominika, Poland
Laura, Lithuania
Zita, Hungary
Racheal, USA