26 April 2016

♥ Trying to be creative ♥

☆Good morning!☆
Decorating envelopes and writing papers is another aspect I enjoy about snail mail besides writing & reading letters. For me, it is just very relaxing thing to do, so it is perfect activity between preparing for exams. Now, let´s see, what I have created :)

22 April 2016

Outgoing mail

Some letters I have sent to:
♥ Lizzi, Finland
♥Jatta, Finland
♥Tiia, Finland
♥Julia, Austria
♥Zita, Hungary
♥Domi, Poland
♥Rachel, UK
♥Racheal, USA
♥Laura, Lithuania
♥ Karolina, Poland
♥ Marta, Poland
♥ Zita, Hungary