16 July 2016

Book exchange project

Hello, dear reader!
Some time ago my penfriend Julia asked me if I would be interested in taking part of a book exchange project. It sounded really nice, so I decided to participate. What I had to do is
1. Send one book to a person (Julia gave me the address)
2. Find new people to participate (at least 6)
And that´s it!
You can find more information about it searching for #savetheculture book exchange and if it sounds good to you, please let me know, so you could take part of it as well :)
You can leave a comment or write to me: mypenfriendsandlife@gmail.com
Waiting for your messages :) 


  1. Hi Liisu,
    thanks for sharing the book project! I hope you do find some booklovers who would love to take part. I just think it's an amazing and very interesting exchange project :)

    1. Hey Julia,
      I also think it is such a great project, thank you for telling me about it! :)