31 August 2016

Lets practise some...

For a long time I have been really interested in yoga. I have been doing it once in a while, watching some videos and trying to copy poses I have seen on different applications.
At the beginning of August I started doing yoga more often. I just watched and practised with one video after another and it really interested me how I will feel after these practises. I also want to be more flexible, learn new things about yoga and see, how it affects me.
I have not been doing it every single day, but that is not my goal either. Now, in summer it has been easier to find time for sports, so I take this opportunity and do what I want to do.
So, let me show you, with which videos it all began :D
Firstly, I discovered Tara Stiles, who has some videos specially for beginners:

3 August 2016

Outgoing mail

Now that I have been on a summer vacation for a while, I have had enough time to reply to almost all letters and send out some nice postcards :)