20 October 2016

A bit about food (It´s my 100th post! Yay! :)

Good morning!
Lets start it with some appetising food pictures :)
Some evenings I don´t feel like preparing food, so I just eat all kind of tasty things - grapes, oranges, carrots, yoghurt with muesli and frozen berries and here you can see a mug full of water with lemon.

Had this fulfilling lunch at school´s cafe - buckwheat, vegetables, dill and beetroot with garlic

Prepared a bigger amount of muesli. Wanted to have it crunchy, so roasted it slightly, added raisins, nuts and small pieces of dark chocolate and put into a jar for upcoming days.

Here you can see, what I usually bring to school with me, when I have two lectures - I want to eat something between them!

I have been eating so many oranges recently...almost every morning starts with one as they are so juicy and tasty right now.

Tried something new. It´s a usual oatmeal, just made with chocolate soya milk. It was alright, but I liked it more with vanilla soya milk.

And another snack - blueberry yoghurt with a few spoonfuls of muesli and frozen berries <3

What was the last thing you ate? :)



  1. My current addiction are those fruit/berry baby foods. :) Due to my allergies and all I'm trying to reduce the amount of gluten and milk from my diet, instead whenever I have a 10 minute break at work or want to snack on something I usually pull one small jar of those babyfoods from my bag or fridge. So yummy and many have no added sugar or anything. Fruits are great as well but babyfood jars are empty in 30 secs and I'm ready to continue whatever I was doing. :)
    I remember my mum usually used those in between the cake layers whenever we had birthday parties when we were small. :D

    1. That is very interesting, thank you for sharing! I have never tried baby food, but it really sounds like a great snack, when you´re busy and just need some energy :)