16 October 2016

Top 3(6) books this summer

Good evening :)
This post has been waiting to be published for some time, but here it is now.
Go ahead, grab a cup of tea and read about books I recommend you to read next, if you have not read them yet.

Thanks to summer vacation I have had more time to read books and believe me, I appreciate that I can read books on my own choice right now as I know this will change in autumn, when new interesting things are waiting for me.
1. "Nisa" by Marjorie Shostak. Before I went to an entrance exam to university, I had to read one book and an article. There were 3 choices of books and that is the one I picked. And I am so glad I discovered this book, it was truly an interesting book to read. It was written by an American anthropologist Marjorie Shostak and was published in 1981. Marjorie went to to live with !kung people, get to know their culture and interview people there. She learned their language before going in order to be able to talk to these people by herself.
Nisa is a name of a !kung woman whose memories are mostly in this book (but the name has been changed, so no one would really know, about who it is).
It just seems so unbelievable, how people used to live there! !Kung people´s life seems to be primary, but also interesting in its own way.

2. My next recommendation is actually a series of books called Hannah Swensen series, which were written by Joanne Fluke. I have read first 4 books, but there are all together 19 (!) books released by now! Unfortunately I could not find more books from the library I go to and I found out there are not more books translated into Estonian yet. I would not mind reading them in Enlgish, I just need to find them somewhere :) I also read that even a movie is made based on this series! I know I want to see it! It is one thing to have a "movie" running in your head and finally seeing it on TV :) Here you can see a video about it.
3. Paulo Coelho "Veronika decides to die"

This is the first book I read by famous writer Paulo Coelho. When I made an interview with my literature teacher for school´s magazine, she said that one of her favourite writers is Coelho and this is a book she really likes. I had heard about this novel before as well, so decided to read it and see, if it is as good as some people say. It was definitely an interesting book to read, because of all these philosophical trains of thoughts. Some time ago I went to a book fair, where this book was sold with a good price, but I will write more about it later. I recommend to read it to see life from a different point of view for a moment :)
What was the most enjoyable book you read this summer? Let me know in comments :)

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