3 November 2016

What I eat for breakfast?

One of my favourite things to eat for breakfast is oatmeal porridge. I cannot believe I am saying it, but yes, that is the truth! You may wonder what is so weird about that, but for many years I did not eat any kind of porridge, I just did not like them at all! 
I ate porridges as a child, but then I do not know, what happened :D Anyway, some time ago I decided to give them another try and I actually found a way to eat it as I like porridge.
How do I eat it now?
I don´t know about you, but most people I know make oatmeal with milk and sugar. I decided to try a little differently and actually a version that´s cheaper and I would say that healthier:
Water + oatmeal + fruits + coconut flakes
I mostly eat porridge with sweet bananas and that´s a super good combination! With some coconut flakes it´s even better :)
Another reason I like making porridge is that it is so easy to make! Also, does not require much time. So, as a university student, it is a perfect choice for me :)
But sometimes a change would be nice..so, once in a while I make banana pancakes, which are also so easy to make.
What I need is just bananas, eggs and different flake & seeds, sometimes I also add nuts. I mix all ingredients with a blender. How many bananas and eggs to use, depends on how much pancakes you want to make and how thick you want the mixture to be. I like it quite thick as then it is more comfortable to fry.
I make quite small pancakes, so I can make pancake towers and put all kind of things between them :)
*slices of bananas
*fresh strawberry jam
*coconut flakes
Sometimes, especially in summer I eat bunch of fruits for breakfast. It is a perfect way to start a day and it is totally up to you, how many fruits and what kind of fruits you prefer.
This summer I ate many melons, bananas, nectarines, apples, pears, grapes and plums, now my favourites are oranges, apples and I hope to eat some tasty tangerines soon.
Have you got a favourite breakfast? 

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