20 December 2016

Muesli / DIY

Hello, it is good to see you here :) 
Most mueslies that can be found from stores are full of sugars. And all "healthy" ones are way too expensive. So the best option is to make some by yourself! And it really is so easy! I decided to try preparing 3 different types of mueslies:
1) Basic muesli - roasted oatmeal flakes + raisins + nuts + sunflower seeds
2) All ingredients that are in the first one, just roasted with honey
3) Roasted oatmeal flakes + different seeds + coconut flakes
Basically, you can add anything you want: different flakes (oatmeal, rye flakes, coconut flakes), dried berries (I really like lingonberries), different nuts, little pieces of dark chocolate, spices (cinnamon might be a good idea)
How to eat muesli? I sometimes...
1) Make overnight porridge 
2) Eat with coconut or soy milk
3) Add a bit to yoghurt
4) Add some on top of freshly made porridge
Do you eat mueslies? Have you got any favourites? 

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