2 January 2017

Book fair in Tallinn

At the end of September was a book fair in Tallinn. Of course I went there! 
There were many people and very many books. Most books were for free, some were sold with a really good price. 
I walked out with 14 books, but really, I took only the ones that seem to be very interesting and I would like to read them. I saw there people with boxes full of books, but that was the point - that books would find new homes ;) So, what did I get?
1) Paulo Coelho "Veronica decides to die" for 2€
2) James Bowen "A street cat named Bob" - I read it and really, it is such a nice book to read!
3)  English test book
4) Some books by Estonian writers, whose other books I have read before like Raimond Kaugver and Mats Traat
5) Travel stories about Africa
6) A book about food, eating habits
7) Book about history of tea
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  1. I love the fair books. Sometimes you can find a lot of interesting and very low cost books.

    1. Exactly! A perfect place for a booklover :)