24 February 2017

Lets talk about food :)

Hey! 😊
Since I moved to Tallinn and started a life as a university student, I have been preparing food for myself. In some way that´s nothing new - I have made food for myself and others before as well. Still, now I need to think through my meals more as I do not want to waste any food, so I need to plan more what and  when I eat. I mean, so I would not buy too many things that would go bad, so I have to throw them away, So, what one student eats? 
My meals are quite simple, for breakfast I usually have some fruit. Oranges are so juicy and delicious right now. Then, I made porridge or have even quicker version of it - an overnight porridge, I have written about this before here. ←
As I do not have an over in the dormitory, I must use all the other options I have. For lunch and dinner I make simple and quick salads (basically just cut all kind of things - tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, paprika etc. in pieces, add flavouring if you want and it is done), soups, boil potatoes, cabbage, carrots, fry frozen mix of vegetables, eat bread with hummus, my big love buckwheat with veggies/salad/souce, very rarely pasta or some other foods as well. For a snack I have fruits, nuts, raisins, dried cranberries, cookies and sometimes candies. I also make delicious smoothies.  
It is good, when a dish gets ready quickly, but I also want to eat healthy homemade food. I try to prepare most of my food myself, although sometimes it is obviously easier to buy a box of fresh salad, soup mix or delicious hummus from a store :) 
What about you? Do you prepare most of your meals by yourself or usually buy them from stores? What are your favourite dishes, any specially good recipes to share with me?😊
Lots of love and enjoy these picture,

6 February 2017

Cards from Kyrgyzstan

Good evening :)
Some time ago I made a swap with a person, who stayed in Kyrgystan at the time, so he sent me these beautiful cards. I have never received a card from Kyrgyzstan before, but now I have 5!