18 March 2017

Why you do snail mail?

One of my penpals asked me in one of her letter this question and it is actually something I have been thinking about before as well. Why am I doing all this? 

I guess that it has just become one part of me, something I just do and don´t want to imagine my life without it. Has something changed since I started writing letters? Yes, difinitely. I remember, how exciting it was at first and how I couldn´t wait until I finally receive another letter and I kept looking for new penpals. Now I´m more calm about this :D Don´t get me wrong, I still get excited about letters and I am really looking forward to hearing from my dear friends, but I´m not that impatient as I was at first. Probably because I have got more used to it and I guess it is like that with many things that at first seem so-so exciting, later you just get more used to it and it becomes more normal, a part of your everyday life.

I hope it does not sound like I would not enjoy penpalling as I did when I first started. No, actually I have discovered more parts of it. I have definitely become a bit more creative - I like decorating envelopes, papers, using different tapes and stickers, I have learned and thought of new ways of making mail more interesting/beautiful. Another difference is that my letters have become much longer. At least it seems like that to me - I don´t have my own letters I have sent to others, but I feel I have written more deeply and just more by lenght as well. I feel my letters were a bit perfunctory maybe...but I guess it´s normal for a "beginner" :D Only my penpals can comment on that, I can just say what I seem to remember and feel.

Snail mail is a great way to find amazing people all over the world to share your life - experiences, memories, jokes, pictures, interests, hopes, dreams, recipes, favourite books, tea and movies with. For me, it is a way to express my creativity and have quiet time for my own - writing letters - while still connecting with my penfriends. Real letters are personal and finding another one from a mailbox is really lovely :)

 In conclusion, in my opinion it is one of the coolest hobbies! Like, seriously :D It combines so many things: reading, writing, expressing yourself in so many ways, making new friends all over the world, getting to know new things and feeling so thankful for time and love people have put into letters.
I hope to be able to continue with this lovely hobby of mine for many-many upcoming years and also meet my penpals in real life :)

Now I am curious to know why you do snail mail?
With lots of love, Liisu 💜

14 March 2017

Mother Tongue Day

Today we celebrate Mother Tongue Day in Estonia, which is a national holiday. It has been celebrated since 1996. But why is it on 14th of March? This date was chosen, because Kristjan Jaak Peterson, who was an estonian writer, was born on 14th March in 1801. Besides his contribution to Estonia´s literature and belief in Estonians and Estonian language´s future, he is also known for the fact he sometimes walked from Riga to Tartu (over 200 kms). His parents had moved to Riga, but he studied religion and philosophy in the University of Tartu. He died at a very young age in 1822.
On Mother Tongue Day all people, who speak Estonian (and even the ones that do not) can take part of an e-dictation that takes place every year. In the morning, at 10.30 a short text is being read out on the radio and people write down what they hear. It may sound easy, but believe me, it is not as obviously people have chosen to use some tricky words and phrases. 
I could not participate this year, but kind of took part of it last year - when we all wrote as much as we could on paper while listening to the radio all together in the classroom. It should be done on computer instead of writing on a paper as text is being read rather quickly. Anyway, a good opportunity to challenge yourself and see, how well you can do it and see, what are the most challenging parts of your mother tongue. And best ones win prizes as well!
I also found an interesting article for foreigners, but why not for all Estonians to read as well. You can find it by clicking here and read (in English) about interesting words we have in our language :)
Is Mother Tongue Day or some similar holiday celebrated in your country? If yes, then how?

10 March 2017

2 March 2017

Eesti laul 2017 - Choosing our song for Eurovision

Good morning! 🌞
Has your country already chosen their song for this year´s Eurovision? Or if you don´t participate in Eurovision, are you still going to watch it?
I know that some of my penpals are very interested in Eurovision, so I decided to write a bit about our this year´s songs.
As you may already understand, our song that is going to present us on Eurovision, hasn´t been chosen yet, but 1st and 2nd semi-finals are over and here are 10 finalists:

I would say this year the competition is very tight, there are many songs that would be great in Eurovision. But we must make uo our mind and choose the one that actually goes to Kyiv in May.
I have not been listeting to these song for many times, most of them I heard on the semi-finals for the first time. That´s why it is a bit difficult to say, which are my favourites. Not that I would not have my own opinion, it´s just that sometimes it takes several times listening to a song, before understanding how good it is :D But some songs got stuck in my head immediately.
My top 5 is:
1. Kerli
2. Liis Lemsalu
3. Elina Born
4. Ariadne
5. Koit and Laura
Which ones do you like the most? Who would you give 12 points? 🙂