7 April 2017

Outgoing mail



  1. Hey! I have been thinking of travelling to Estonia during the following month and I though that I could mail a letter or two to a couple of philatelist friends of mine. However, I can't really understand the Omniva pages - no one tells what the thickness of the letter is allowed to be. So I was wondering if you could tell me something? :) I have been trying to understand the "A letter abroad" page but have ended up pulling my hair :'D

    1. Hey! :)
      I´m glad to hear you are coming to Estonia! You can send a letter that weights up to 50g. (if it´s heavier, you need to pay more) and about the thickness...well, it should be able to fit into the mailbox, I guess. I found such measurements: 230 x 330 x 20 mm (length, width, thickness). I hope all of your letters will arrive nicely and have a great trip! :)