3 June 2017

How to start penpalling?

If you are new to snail mail world and would like to know, which are the best ways to look for a person to exchange letters with or even if you already have penpals and you are experienced in this, you might find some useful tips here ✉
  • First of all, before starting your search, think about some things: Why do you want a penpal? and Do you have enough time for a new hobby? Also, check your country´s mail service prices to have an overview of how much it costs to send letters and packages to different places. I am guiding your attention to these things, because I have had different experiences with snail mailers. Sometimes it seems as if people are not really interested in getting to know new people, cultures and so on, but are maybe just bored at the time they take new penpals and write them only a letter or two.*Of course there are all kind of situations in life and starting new letter writing friendship doesn´t mean you need to do it for the rest of the life, but it is just good to think before act, right? Taking a penpal and then never replying to that person´s letter, because you don´t have time is a bit irresponsible. Just keep in mind that taking a penpal means that you just a little take your time, dedicate yourself to it and if you really are so busy now in your life, then maybe you should wait a little, when you have a bit more free time. Or maybe not. I don´t know, people are so different. I can just say I like to take time to write letters, not do it between all my other commitments knowing that I have only an hour to write. No, I need more calm environment most of the time. If all "background" search is done and you still feel like searching for pen pals, then it´s just lovely and lets get to other points ☺
  • There are so many websites for finding penpal, just google "snail mail", "looking for penpals" or some other phrase like that and you´ll find all kind of places. I haven´t been looking for new penfriends for a while, but when I did, I used interpals. I have realised that Instagram is also very good way of finding new penpals, by using tags #lookingforpenpals #snailmail #penfriends etc. you find accounts that may be interested in new writing pals. There are also accounts that upload pictures and descriptions of people, who are looking for penpals, so you can contact them. 
  • Be active and write to different people, who might become your penpals! I guess it would be a good idea to get to know some basic things about another person before starting a snail mail friendship. Also, please be careful not to give just anyone your address. You never know, what a stranger thinks or plans to do. I am not here to scare you, just asking you to be aware and cautious. 
  • When you have found your first penpals(s), it is time to start writing! Now you can express your creativity in many ways - in writing, drawing, decorating envelopes and papers, preparing little gifts - all that is not obligatory, of course. If you feel you are not so artsy or do not want to create something by yourself, there is always the possibility to buy nice stationery - from post office, a bookstore, any other shop or online - ebay, aliexpress and etsy are full on different things needed for you. 
  • The most important thing of all - enjoy it! Having some letters waiting to be replied might sometimes get you the feeling of this being an obligation, not a hobby, because you probably do not want to keep your penpals waiting for your replies for too long, but really, do not force yourself too much, because a letter for which you have taken time and written with love is hopefully appreciated by your friend a lot ♡
  • If you have any concerns, worries or happy stories to share, then I would very gladly listen to you and help, if I can :) Lots of love, Liisu ❤
*Really, I hope this doesn´t give you a false impression. It is totally understandable, if sometimes you start writing with someone, but then really don´t feel like writing to that person anymore. It is okay, because like in real life, not all people become friends, even if it looks at first as it could happen. Here I´m more talking about people, who doesn´t seem to take it "seriously" and just act based on emotion and make hasty decisions. And this is humane as well, it just would be nice to think about other people as well and neverkeep them waiting or promise to write and then not doing it. I feel I´m not expressing myself very clearly now, but I hope you can understand the main idea of my writing here.

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