21 June 2017

Lentil soup - recipe!

This is one of the easiest soup you can think of. 😉
You will need: carrots, lentils, (garlic), onion, salt and pepper or seasoning, depending on your preferences. This time I added Chinese cabbage besides all other ingredients - you can also add anything else you can find from your fridge - vegetables, mushrooms or something else.
How to preapre it?
Grate carrots, cut cabbage into smaller pieces, add onions and garlic, fry them for few minutes (I like it when the onion is fried, not raw :P).
At the same time boil water, then add the mixture and let it boil for 10 minutes. Add cup of lentils and boil for another 10 minutes or how long your lentils need to be boiled, I believe they might be different.
And then it is done! Cut some green onion for topping and enjoy your meal 🍲

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