22 June 2017

Visiting Viljandi

At the beginning of May I visited Viljandi with my friends and stayed there for the weekend.

Viljandi is a small city in Southern part of Estonia.
Here you can see the ruins of a castle, where all kind of events take place.

 The most popular event that takes place every year is Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

In 2 days we walked through most of the city, I believe. Here is one of the churches we stepped into.

Spent some time walking in the nature as well.

Every year there is a run around the Viljandi lake - 12 kilometers
One of the most well-known painting from Paul Kondas, whose museum we visited. There were other exhibitions as well, but his was the main one. 

Here he depicted Estonian boy finding a fern blossom, which is realted to Midsummer´s Day, which we celebrate tomorrow, on 23rd of June.

Another picture taken in the museum. I hope you enjoyed this little gallery and maybe wish to visit Viljandi now  as well 😉

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