25 October 2017

1/3 Summer trip to Soomaa

Soomaa National Park was created in 1993 to protect bogs, floodplains and forests that grow on its 370 km² area. 
 I stayed in Soomaa Visitor Center, which you can see on the picture. It is open for tourists in case you would like to get a map, read some books or see the exhibition there. 
This is the view from the window! 🐄
 Behind the building starts a beaver trail, which is about 2 km long. It is so beautiful to walk there, although taking pictures might be a bit challenging because of very hungry mosquitoes :)
 My main purpose for visiting Soomaa wasn´t actually just visiting a nice place and relaxing, but helping a researcher with a project. 
This bridge had to be crossed one by one...🙀
Did you visit any national parks this summer? Or perhaps just went to forest for a walk? 🌳

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