5 November 2017

3/3 Summer trip to Haapsalu

In July I spent a weekend in beautiful Haapsalu, which is a small city, about 90 kms away from Tallinn 🚍
A yoga festival was held for the 6th time and I decided to volunteer there. 
We were really lucky with the amazing weahter, this is a view from the promenade 🌅
The main stage was outside and some workshops took place inside. For one of them my task was to check the tickets and answer to people´s questions. 
The rest of the time I could take part of other workshops and in the evening enjoy a lovely concert by Sudha. I am very glad I went thtere and got a great experience as a volunteer. In general the festival was so nice and I definitely recommend visiting  it (even if you have never done yoga before) 😸
Have you ever taken part of a yoga festival? Maybe you participated in some other festival this summer?

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