14 November 2017

Whole week in Czech Republic (1/2)

 On 13th September I got on a plane for the first time. With a stop in Riga I arrived to Prague in the evening. Fortunately friends were already waiting for me in the airport, so we got on a bus and drove to the city center.
 A compulsory picture - made on the Charles Bridge
 Next day we spent walking around in Prague and in the evening went to Mlada Boleslav, from where we travelled to other cities as well: Jičín, Kutná Hora
 Pictures now are not in any order, but you can just enjoy the beauty of different cities of Czech. In Prague we also went to the National Art Museum, but arrived there just one hour before the closure time, so that´s how long we got to be there. One hour wasn´t enough to see it all, at least we got to enjoy some art. The entrance is free for students, so always carry your ISIC or some other card with you, when travelling! 
That kind of landscape - full of mountains - cannot be seen in Estonia...😄
These houses are called Son, Daughter and Mother - I guess you understand which one which is 😉
Jičín - a beautiful small city, where fairytale festivals take place. I imagine it might be wonderful during that time and especially interesting for children :) 
It is always good, when friends take different tastes, this is a good opportunity to try them all 😸
Have you ever been to Czech? Did any of these places look familiar to you? 

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