9 June 2018

In the countryside

Discovered this post from draft..it´s from last summer, but still felt like sharing it with you..enjoy!

This summer I have had the luck to spend a lot of time it in the best way I can possibly imagine - in the countryside in the summer cottage. Reading, writing, spending lots of time in the fresh air,
It has been very interesting to walk and ride a bicycle around there as this place was rather unknown for me until last August. I knew the excistance of it, just had not been in this village.

Here are only a few of the photos I took and here I have a question for you - what kind of camera you use and how do you like it? Would you suggest is for me, a beginner photography-enthusiast? So far all these photos have been taken by my phone and I have thought og buying a better camera before, but now I really feel I need one to be able to make better photos and improve my skills. So any thoughts on that topic are very welcome!

The sweetest strawberries I have ever eaten! And fought for - against ants and snails and birds...(don´t worry, no one got hurt ;)

Just imagine riding a bike and seeing this view 😻
-Liisu πŸ’™

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